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George H. & Laura E. Brown Library

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Monday -  Friday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Saturday:              10 AM - 3 PM
Sunday:                   1 PM - 6 PM

George H. & Laura E. Brown Library
122 Van Norden Street
Washington, NC 27889

Phone: (252) 946-4300
Fax: (252) 975-2015

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday, Quarterly at 4:30 PM. (Please call 252-946-4300 to confirm meeting schedule.) It is an advisory board appointed by Washington City Council to advise on library policy and programming. The library board is made up of six members.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of Brown Library is a membership organization that supports the programs and operations of the library through various projects and activities.

The annual Friends of the Brown Library Book Sale is held the third weekend in January.
The event takes place at the Washington Civic Center with a sneak preview for members only on Thursday night.


Katie Lake, President & Membership
Tim Staiger, Vice-President
Deb Caulfield, Secretary
Dee Donovan, Treasurer 
Sue Fish, Newsletter

Library Staff

Sandra Silvey, Library Director
Kim Davenport, Library Services Coordinator
Terry Rollins, Program Assistant
Claudia Dahlen, Library Assistant

Jennifer Mills, Library Assistant
Elizabeth Tankard, Library Assistant
Marilouise Cloutier, Library Clerk
Vacancy, Library Clerk
Lori Hardison, Library Clerk
Teresa Patti, Library Clerk

Perry Harper, Custodian

Library Services

Adult & Children's Services   Circulation Services   Collections & Other Services   Digital Collection

Policies and Procedures

Internet Use  Wireless Internet Use  Multi-Purpose Meeting Room & Exhibits   Disruptive Behavior   Miscellaneous Policies   

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NC Live is available to registered borrowers. 

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The mission of Brown Library is to provide resources and services for community residents of all ages by enhancing and contributing to their educational, informational, recreational, and leisure needs in the most efficient manner possible. We especially recognize our responsibility to serve as a place for children to discover the joy of reading and the value of libraries.  Special emphasis is placed on supplying adults with current reading materials; on providing reference services to students (at all academic levels) and other information seekers; and on making facilities available for local individuals, organizations and agencies to do community work.  The library serves as a learning and activities center for all residents of the City of Washington and the surrounding Beaufort County area.